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P3 6th Grade Science (Period 3)

Jerry Reese

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Week at a Glance: Jan 15-19

Week at a Glance   Jan 15-19
Monday:          School Holiday            
Tuesday:          Lab:  Motion
                          PPT:  Time distance Graphing  
                          Study Stack for entire unit 
                          Graphing, force, Motion and simple Machines:
Wednesday:      Lab: Motion (using the data)
                           WS:  Traveling through Texas
Thursday:         Video:  Bill Nye:  Motion  with worksheet     
                           WS:  Calculating Speed
Friday:              Quiz:  Calculating Speed

Week at a Glance   Dec 18-22

Week at a Glance   Dec 4-7
Monday:                Semester Test Review;  worksheet attached
Tuesday:                Semester Test Review;  worksheet attached
Wednesday:          Semester Test 
Thursday:              Quizziz Challenge
Friday:                    Half day: dismissal at 12:50pm