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Class Schedule:  
1st period:  6th ELA  
2nd period: 6th ELA PRE-AP
3rd period:  6th ELA
4th period:  6th ELA
5th period: 6th ELA PRE-AP
6th period: 6th ELA
7th period: confernce
TUTORIALS:  Thursdays if needed
Conference period time: 2:00-2:50  Please call or email for an appointment
Mrs. Akin has taught English Language Arts for 22 years in the Willis school district.  She has a finance degree with a minor in history.  She also went to Sam Houston State for another 66 hours to receive her teaching certification. Mrs. Akin still loves what she does for a living and is excited about the new year!
Education:  Texas Tech University, Bachelor of Business Administration Finance
                   Sam Houston State University, Teacher Certification
Certifications: General Education K-8 History
                       English Language Arts 4-8
                       English as a Second Language 4-8
Email Address:
Office Phone: 936-890-2312    


Recent Posts

Welcome to 6th grade!!

 Parent letter is due on Wednesday the 23rd, and the 2 sided "Selfie" sheet is due on Thursday the 24th.

Pre-Ap Summer reading assignment

 Here is a copy of the incoming 6th grade assignment for PRE-AP ONLY!!  Please pass it on to your friends.  If you are receiving this, and you are in another grade, use the directions below to find your grade level.
BMS website
Advanced Academics
(in purple) Pre-Advanced Placement 6-12

Last Two Weeks

Students are working on a research presentation.  The main points I am working on are keeping the kids from just copying and pasting from the internet.  The students have been taught how to make a bibliography page and are expected to cite 3 webpages and 6 pictures.  The bibliography should be the last slide(s) of the presentation.  The students were are given the attached direction sheet, and they are to write their facts down on note cards. 
10 note cards are due on Wednesday
10 MORE note cards are due on Friday
Students will then give an oral presentation of their research.  Please have your child practice in front of a mirror or in front of you.  The presentations will begin next Monday.  

vocabulary test lesson 16 is tomorrow!

Lesson 16 vocabulary words
articulate:  clearly express
vex: to irritate
prostrate:  lying down
abyss:  bottomless depth
martyr:  one who suffered