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Class Schedule:  
1st period:  6th ELA  
2nd period: 6th ELA
3rd period: conference
4th period:  6th ELA
5th period: 6th ELA PRE-AP
6th period: 7th ELA
7th period: 6th ELA PRE-AP
TUTORIALS:  Thursdays if needed
Conference period time: 9-10 am  Please call or email for an appointment
Mrs. Akin has taught English Language Arts for 22 years in the Willis school district.  She has a finance degree with a minor in history.  She also went to Sam Houston State for another 66 hours to receive my teaching certification. Mrs. Akin still loves what she does for a living and is excited about the new year!
Education:  Texas Tech University, Bachelor of Business Administration Finance
                   Sam Houston State University, Teacher Certification
Certifications: General Education K-8 History
                       English Language Arts 4-8
                       English as a Second Language 4-8
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Office Phone: 936-890-2312    

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vocabulary test lesson 16 is tomorrow!

Lesson 16 vocabulary words
articulate:  clearly express
vex: to irritate
prostrate:  lying down
abyss:  bottomless depth
martyr:  one who suffered


I am sorry to say that I am out all week.  My father passed away over the weekend, and I have to travel.  The kids will have a vocabulary test over 8-15 this week.  It will be a written test not on the computer.  It is kind of like a final over these words and stems.  We will start over the following week with just 5 words.  

Text structure paragraphs and projects

Level classes are writing 5 individual paragraphs representing the 5 types of text structure for expository writing.  We are working on these in class, but they are due by January 12th.  They will need the following all on the SAME topic:
1.  descriptive paragraph with 5 facts
2.  compare and contrast with 2/2/2
3.  cause and effect with 3 relationships
4.  problem and solution with 1 problem and 2 solutions
5.  chronological/sequence with 5 
PRE-AP are working on group projects that they will present on Thursday and Friday.  They are to present a lesson to the class and provide an activity to make sure the class has mastered the concept.  Groups drew for which text structure they will teach. Each group was given a lesson plan and rubric.  

Happy New Year

Persuasive papers and outlines were due before the Christmas break.  I couldn't have gotten them graded in time, so these are the first two grades on this marking period.  I have had several students not turn them in, and I have some rewriting them.  Please check their grade to see that the papers were turned in.  If they are failing the major grade paper, please encourage them to redo it.
Vocab lesson 8:  I will include a study guide for those that did not master this test.  The retest is THURSDAY during lunch or after school.  
Vocab lesson 9 is this Friday.  I have added a study guide for this as well.  Students are responsible for turning in their notes over these stems on Friday.  
Novels have been assigned to each student to enhance fluency and comprehension.  Books should be completed by February 24th. 
(A Family Apart or The Cay)  
2 sided activity that goes with the books are due on January 20th.  

vocabulary test tomorrow

The last 5 stems were added this week.  Students will need to write a sentence using words that have those stems.  The other words/stems might also be on the test.  (see attachment)

vocab test



  1. Pre means before
  2. De means down
  3. Bi means two
  4. Sub means under
  5. Super means over


  1. Un means not
  2. Inter means between
  3. Semi means half
  4. Dis means away
  5. Sym means together


Languor means physical weakness

Profound means deep thinking

Manifest means obvious

Prodigious means huge

Countenance means facial expressions


Acute means sharp like an acute mind

Serene means calm as in a peaceful nature scene

Condescend means to patronize or cut down

Grotesque means distorted and/or ugly

Odious means hateful


More stems:

1.  equil means equal like equivalent

2.  Post means after like postwar

3.  Circum means around like circumference

4.  Mal means bad like malignant

5.  Ante means before like antebellum

Welcome to November!

Your child will have a Caesar's English test over the previous 10 stems and 5 words on Friday.  We have added 5 new words to the list.  The students will need to know these NEW words well enough to use them in a sentence.  The 15 others will be in matching or have a word bank.  If a student has all 20 note cards, they can receive +5 on their test!!  
They will also have a short test over the elements of fiction, theme, and point of view.  This will also be on Friday.  
New words:  
1.  Serene ( means calm as in scenery)
2.  Acute (means sharp as in pain or like a corner)
3.  Grotesque (means distorted.  It can also be ugly and strange)
4.  Condescend ( means to patronize; to cut down when talking to)
5.  Odious (means hateful)