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Welcome to Mrs. Bird's class page.
Mrs. Bird teaches 8th grade math, dance PE and is the director of the Sophistikats. She is a graduate of Sam Houston State University. This will be Mrs. Bird's ninth year teaching in Willis. She has had experience teaching everything from Algebra to 6th grade math. This will be her seventh year with the drill team and teaching dance PE. She is a proud wife and joyful mother of three children. 
 The best way to contact Mrs. Bird is by email at
Mrs. Bird will respond to your email within 24 hours.
1st Period - Dance PE
2nd Period - Drill Team
3rd Period - Conference
4th Period - Math
5th Period - Math
6th Period - Math
7th Period - Math
Mrs. Bird offers tutorials on Friday from 2:45 to 3:35. Other afternoons are available by appointment only. Please contact Mrs. Bird to set up a tutorial time if needed. 
Class Expectations:
1. Be prompt - Come to class on time and working when the bell rings.
2. Be prepared - Come to class with all necessary materials. Complete all homework prior to class.
3. Be polite - Treat your teacher, classmates and yourself with respect. 
1. Warning
2. Parent Contact
3. ASD with Parent Contact
4. Referral
*Consequences start over each class period, except in cases of automatic referrals. 
 Tutorials will be held daily in room 113 for math. Tutorials will be after school until 3:15. 


Develop a passion for learning. If you do you will never cease to grow.
- Anthony D'Angelo


Recent Posts

Math Information 3/20

After returning from Spring Break, students will be working on reviewing for their STAAR test. 8th grade students will be testing on Tuesday, March 28th.
Our review for the test is focusing on linear functions, proportional relationships, volume and surface area.

Upcoming class information 2/20

Our class will be working on surface area and volume of three dimensional figures this week. They will also be reviewing pythagorean theorem and transformations on the coordinate plane.
We have been working on these skills in a variety of interactive formats online. Students are encouraged to continue their work on their own as well.
Each student has an account that they can use at home to work on skills. Additionally students have been using as an interactive review of skills. 
If you need your child's login information for either of thsee accounts please email Mrs. Bird.
Additionally, students have a list of specific skills that they struggled with and skills they were successful with on the Benchmark test. If you would like a copy of this, please email Mrs. Bird. Your child will have a copy that they can keep on Tuesday.
Our STAAR test for 8th grade math is taking place on Tuesday March 28th. Students in 8th grade are required to meet the passing standard in order to be promoted. There will be three administrations for the math and reading test
 Students who do not meet standard will be presented to a grade placement committee for a determination of grade placement. The passing standard for math is 46%. There will be 42 questions on the math STAAR this year.
Please check parent portal for up to date grades.