Robert P. Brabham Middle School

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Ms. Richter has been a teacher for eight years. Ms. Richter graduated from Sam Houston State University with an education major and a history composite as a minor. Ms. Richter LOVES history, it is a passion of hers. Her goal is to make history fun for students so that they will also enjoy it because we learn from our past.

This year Ms. Richter will be teaching 6th grade world history and 7th grade Texas history.  For a glimpse at her schedule please look at the page "Ms. Richter's Schedule". 

Ms. Richter will also be the National Junior Honor Society sponsor this year. Ms. Richter enjoys working with this organization. Her main goal is to teach her Honor Society students to take pride in their community and complete service activities. 
This year Ms. Richter will also be the sponsor of Kats for Christ.  She is very excited and has many great ideas for this organization.  This year the main goal will be how journaling can bring you closer to God.


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7th Grade Vocabulary Test Friday

7th Grade Vocabulary Test on Friday from the words below:
1. Abolish - Formally put an end to
2. Annexation - Adding territory to existing territory.
3. Cession - Something that is given up in a treaty, generally territory.
4. Compromise - An agreement in which both sides give up some demands.
5.Debt- Something, typically money, that is owed or due.
6. Domestic Affairs - Relating to issues within a home country.
7. Federalism- A system of government where state governments share power with national governments.
8. Foreign Relations - Dealings between countries.

Manifest Destiny - Idea that the United States should expand the territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.