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Mr. Beam is beginning his sixth year of teaching at Brabham Middle School. He will be
teaching 7th grade Science and 8th grade Reading Lab as well as coaching 7th grade football, basketball and track.

Conference Period: 1:06-1:56

Tutorials: Available per student request.


-Sam Houston State University

-Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
-Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification


-English Language Arts and Reading 8-12

-English Language Arts and Reading 4-8

-Generalist 4-8


-Reading Lab

Recent Posts

Week of November 27th

Monday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis Brochure
Tuesday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis Brochure
Wednesday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis Unit Exam Review
Thursday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis Unit Exam 
Friday-Begin Genetics Unit 

Week of November 13th

Monday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis
Tuesday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis
Wednesday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis
-Human Body Systems Unit Exam Retake during homeroom
Thursday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis
Friday-Plant Systems and Homeostasis 

Week of November 6th

-Complete Human Body System Brochure
-Review for Human Body Systems Unit Exam
-Human Body Systems Unit Exam
-Begin Plant Systems and Homeostasis
-Continue Plant Systems and Homeostasis 

Week of October 30th

Monday-Endocrine System 
Tuesday-Endocrine System 
-AIM for Success Program (5th period)
Wednesday-Reproductive System
-Student Fall Pictures (taken in History classes)
Thursday-Reproductive System
Friday-Begin Human Body Systems Brochure
-Will be taken as a major grade 

Daily attendance is very important as it is a leading indicator for student success. Please help by having your student to school on time every day.

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Week of October 23rd

Monday, October 23-Integumentary System

Integumentary System Cube Mini Project

Tuesday, October 24-Immune System

Disease Detectives

Sergeant Cells Immune System Defense Webquest-2 day project

 Wednesday, October 25-Immune System

Present Immune System Skits 

Thursday, October 26-Nervous System

Nervous System Sketch Notes

*QUIZ-Immune, Integumentary and Digestive Systems* 

Friday, October 27-Nervous System 

Stimulus/Response Cards

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Daily attendance is very important as it is a leading indicator for student success. Please help by having your student to school on time every day.


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Week of October 16th

Monday, October 16-Vision and Hearing Screening
(Please make sure your student brings his or her glasses)
Tuesday, October 17-Digestive System Lab 
Wednesday, October 18-Excretory System
'Are You Smarter than a Middle Schooler?' BMS 5:30-6:30

Thursday, October 19-Excretory System 
Friday, October 20-Integumentary System 
*PreAP: Integumentary System Choice Board*


Week of October 9th

Monday, October 9- STUDENT HOLIDAY

Tuesday, October 10-Review for test.

Wednesday, October 11- Test-circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular and digestive system.

Thursday, October 12- Organ groups-Students will work in groups.  They will be assigned different structures of the digestive system.  They will research and present/teach the class their findings.  Information should include the function of their structure, diseases, treatment/prevention.

PreAP-Travel Brochure Project.  Students will work on project in class.  They will design a travel brochure as if the digestive system were a tourist attraction.  Brochure should include photographs, magazine pictures, computer graphics, drawings and information about the digestive system.  This is a two day project.  Due:  Monday, October 16

Friday, October 13 Digestive system model.  Students will make a model of the human digestive system.  Each model should include the structures of the digestive system and their functions.

PreAP:  Digestive System Brochure—DUE MONDAY

Week of October 2nd

Monday, October 2- Introduce the skeletal system.  Students will make a foldable describing the five major functions of the skeletal system.  

Tuesday, October 3-Bones foldable.  Describe the three layers of bones and their function.  

Wednesday, October 4- Introduce the muscular system.  Students will describe the voluntary and involuntary muscles.

Thursday, October 5-Three types of muscles.  Sketch each type, describe where they are found and list examples of each.  Chicken wing lab.  

Friday, October 6-Begin the digestive system.  Complete the graphic organizer.  Label and describe the organs in the digestive system.  Describe the path that food takes.  “Life of a Hamburger”

Week of September 25th

Monday, September 25-Body Systems Foldable. This will serve as a study guide
throughout the body systems unit (22 days)

Tuesday, September 26-“Totally Tubular” Circulatory/Lymphatic System study
guide. Student will research information and label a diagram of the heart.

Wednesday, September 27-Pump It Up! Students will conduct various exercises,
measure and record their heart rate after each event.
CO/O2 Skit: Students will model the circulation of blood in the body using red,
white and blue plates,

Thursday, September 29-Draw, label and describe the function and structures in
the human body respiratory system.

Friday, September 29-Differentiated respiratory system task cards. Students
work in groups to complete tasks including writing, reading, drawing, listening etc..

Week of September 18th

Science 7th Grade

Monday, September 18-Cells are Us, Cells Puzzles.  These will be completed in class and will be counted as daily grades.   

Tuesday, September 19-Cell Organelle Politician.  Students will choose a cell organelle they feel is the most important.  They will illustrate it, give it a fictitious name and explain why their politician is the most important. 

Wednesday, September 20-Review for unit test tomorrow.  Kahoot!

Thursday, September 21-Cells Unit Test. Test will cover cell structures and the cell theory.

Friday, September 21-Begin the human body systems.  Make a foldable with all of the body systems and describe their function.