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Mrs. Tammy Lumpkin is the Theatre Arts teacher, UIL Coordinator, and UIL Director at Brabham Middle School. Mrs. Lumpkin graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Academic Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts. This will be Mrs. Lumpkin's 19th year teaching Theatre Arts. She taught Drama in Aldine ISD for 14 years. This will be the 5th year in Willis ISD.


Recent Posts

One Act Play Information Meeting

There will be a One Act Play (OAP) informational meeting on Wednesday, November 2 from 2:40-3:15 in Theatre Arts room.


We are working on sound effect stories this week.  The students are working with partners.  This is worth 2 major grades.  One will be a performance grade and the other grade will be taken from the attached rubric.  We will perform on Wednesday, October 26th in class.

Character Story

Students are working on characterization in Theatre Arts.  They will be working with a partner and creating a character story.  The students will storytell their stories to the class.  This will be 2 major grades.  One for the performance and one for the entire project.  The rubric for the project is attached.

Celebrity Letters

Students are to write a celebrity letter.  This will be for a Major Grade.  The due date is Wednesday, September 14th.  It is optional to mail the letter.  If the student would like to mail the letter, please send 2 stamps or 4 stamps if it is overseas.  I will attach the details for this assignment.

This is the rubric for the Celebrity Letter:

Both Addresses- 20 points

  • Your address
  • Celebrity address

Date- 10 points

Letter Content- 3 paragraphs- 40 points

  • Paragraph 1- Explain who you are.
  • Paragraph 2- What do you want?
  • Paragraph 3- Compliment them.

Signed- 10 points

Overall neatness- 20 points

Typed- Bonus plus 5 points!!


Welcome to Theatre Arts

Welcome to Theatre Arts.  I am looking forward to an exciting new year with the students!  

Acting Dialogues

We have been working on memorizing and acting out dialogues.  Performances will be this Friday for a major grade!!

Prose and Poetry

We have been working on oral reading the last two weeks.  The students will perform for a major grade on Friday, January 22, 2016.  I am offering 5 bonus points if they dress up nice.

Christmas/Winter Plays

The students have been busy writing and directing a Christmas or Winter play.  We will perform these on Monday, December 14th in the class.  I will pick a few performances to perform at our Christmas program on Friday.   This is worth 2 major grades.  

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Tammy Lumpkin
Theater Arts; UIL Coordinator; OAP Director