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Mrs. Tammy Lumpkin is the Theatre Arts teacher, UIL Coordinator, and UIL Director at Brabham Middle School. Mrs. Lumpkin graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Academic Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts. This will be Mrs. Lumpkin's 20th year teaching Theatre Arts. She taught Drama in Aldine ISD for 14 years. This will be the 6th year in Willis ISD.


Recent Posts

Character Stories

Students are performing their character stories this week for 2 major grades.
1 for the story, posters, and overall project
1 for the performance

Red Ribbon Week-EXTRA CREDIT-Dress UP!

Extra Credit will be offered next week for Red Ribbon Week.
Major Grade 100- If students dress up everyday for Red Ribbon Week
Daily Grade 100- If students dress up at least 3 days for Red Ribbon Week
October 27th - October 31st
Monday- Throwback to the 80s- dress in 80s fashion
Tuesday- Twin Day- find a person and dress the same
Wednesday- PJ Day-dress in your pajamas
Thursday- Nerd Day- dress nerdy
Friday- Wildkat Spirit Day- wear your Wildkat spirit clothes
Remember to dress in dress code! 
Let's have some fun and DRESS UP to support Red Ribbon Week!!

Character Stories- Major Grade

Students have been working on their character stories.  Stories must be completed by today, Wednesday, Oct 15th. We will begin working on the character posters on Thursday.  Friday the students will rehearse storytelling their story with their partner.


We will begin performances next week starting on Monday, October 20th.

Character Stories

This week we will be working in partners to create character stories.  Here is the rubric I will go by to grade the students.  This will be a major grade.

Character Story

Must have:

4 characters with sounds and movement   10

4 signs representing each character 10

Story must have beginning/middle/end &

Problem with a solution  20

Story must include a setting 5

1 page minimum 5

Creativity of story 10

Presentation of the story to the class 20

Neatness 10

Working with partner in class 10

We are beginning our 2nd grading period. 

This week we are performing skits created from different characters, actions, and settings. 

Solo Pantomime

The students have been rehearsing in class for the last two days on their solo pantomimes.  Students will perform their solo pantomimes tomorrow, Sept. 17th for a major grade. 

My Schedule

My Schedule is:

 1st- 7:15am-8:08am
2nd- 8:12am-9:05am
3rd- 9:09am- 10:02am
4th- 10:06am-10:59am- My Conference
5th- 11:03am-12:09pm
C Lunch- 12:10pm-12:41pm
6th- 12:45pm- 1:38pm
7th- 1:42pm- 2:35pm

Celebrity Letters

This is a homework assignment.  It is due Wednesday, Sept. 10th.  Please paperclip 2 stamps (4 stamps if overseas) to the so I can mail them and hopefully your child will get a response from their celebrity.


I have attached an example of the assignment.

Supplies needed!

This is optional....

If anyone is able to bring in Kleenex or hand sanitizer I would appreciate it.  These are the two items that many students use during the year.

Thank you!


The students will be interviewing each other and giving a speech about their partner for a major grade.  They will give the speech on Friday, August 29th. 

Welcome to Theatre Arts

Welcome back!  I am looking forward to a fantastic new year.  I have attached the syllabus for information about my class.  This was a grade to have it signed and returned. 


There is a $15 Theatre Arts Fee this year.  This will help to cover the cost of props, costumes, craft items, construction paper, glue, resource books, and other things needed for Theatre Arts.  This is due by Friday, Sept. 5.