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Derek Cullum is the 7th Grade Texas History teacher as well as the boy's 6th Grade Physical Education teacher. He graduated from Willis High School in 2006.

Derek Cullum went on to attend Texas A&M University and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He then acquired his teaching certification in 2010 and became the Boy's Athletic Coordinator and taught U.S. History and Physical Education in Jacksonville, TX at Jacksonville Middle School.

In 2012, Derek moved back to Willis, TX to teach and coach at Brabham Middle School in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Boy's Physical Education. He also coaches 7th Grade Football, and 7th Grade Basketball.

In 2015 Derek made the move to the classroom to teach 7th Grade Texas History as well as Physical Education.

Derek Cullum became Google Apps Qualified in 2014.

Conference period
6th period 1:15pm-1:38pm


Recent Posts

Mexican National Era Project

Attached is our Mexican National Era Project that is due next Friday. The only change I am making to the Timeline is on Thursday where the students will have all class period to work on the project. We will present Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of November.

Unit 4 Exam

Next week we will be having the Unit 4 Exam on Tuesday, Nov. 1st. Please have students study their notes over Unit 4. Slides with notes can be found in the Unit 4 section of my website.

Question Stems for Bloom's Taxonomy

Use this for this weekend's assignment creating questions using the levels in Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • Each individual will create 4 questions from 3 different columns from the Bloom’s Taxonomy Chart.
  • Create the question and answers.
  • Answer the question.
  • Underneath, write what you're trying to assess, what level of Bloom’s is the question,and explain the answer.
  • You can write the questions and descriptions or you can email questions and descriptions.


Unit 4: Mexican Colonization and the Empresario System

Last week we began Unit 4: Mexican Colonization and the Empresario System. This unit bundles student expectations that relate to the newly independent Mexican government’s policy of establishing an empresario system in its efforts to control territory in Texas. Early in the nineteenth century, events in Europe affected the Spanish colonies in the New World. In the course of these events, colonists in Mexico fought and gained independence from Spanish rule. Mexican officials made the control of Texas a priority and instituted a system to bring permanent settlers to the region.  During the early nineteenth century Texas became the home to many settlers from the United States, who brought with them a different culture than that of the Mexicans. Eventually these cultural differences gave rise to growing tensions between colonists and Mexican officials.

Students Failing

A lot of students have not turned in their Early Explorer's Play project. The students had 3 class days to film and then 2 more days to edit and turn it in. This project is worth 2 major grades!! Please make sure your student is working diligently to get it turned in.
If your student is failing currently this is the reason. I have M's in the gradebook for the missing project.