Robert P. Brabham Middle School

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Ms. Deschensky was born and raised in Houston and graduated from the University of Texas in San Antonio. This is Ms. Deschensky's fifth year at Brabham. She is very excited to be at Brabham and to be teaching 8th grade Science.


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8th Grade Final Exam Review

Attached is the Final Exam Review that all students received in class on Tuesday 05/16/2017. Please note that  ***If this review is completed, all answers are correct, it is signed by a parent, and it is turned in on the day of the test you will receive 5 BONUS POINTS on your Final Exam. *** We will take the Final Exam on Tuesday 05/23/2017. Please make sure that you complete your review and that you are prepared to take your Final. 

Final Exam, Tuesday 05/23/2017

We will take our Final Exam on Tuesday 05/23/2017 all students will receive a final exam review in class by Wednesday 05/17/2017.

Toothpick Bridges Due Dates

Toothpick Bridges Construction due date is Thursday 05/18/2017
We will test the weight that your bridge will hold in class on Friday 05/19/2017