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Mrs. Johnston is originally from Bridge City, Texas. She moved to the Houston area fourteen years ago, and she has been a resident of Willis for six years now. She graduated from Sam Houston State University, where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in English, Language Arts, and Reading. Mrs. Johnston has been married to her husband, Damon, for eleven years, and they have two sons named Dayton and Colt.

Mrs. Johnston has a passion for reading and writing and believes all students can be successful. She is looking forward to a fabulous school year.

Early Childhood-4 Generalist
4-8 Generalist
4-8 English, Language Arts, and Reading
4-8 ESL (English as a Second Language)

conference time:  10:09-11:02


Recent Posts

Last Week of School!

The last week of school is here!  I know that everyone is excited for summer. 
Please remember that the due date for our final major grade of the year (our research project) is Tuesday, 5/23.  The last class day for students to work on their research project is Monday, 5/22. If students do not finish their project in class, it must be finished Monday night for homework.
Presentations will begin on Tuesday, and students will be graded according to the rubric that was given to them.  It will take us two to three class days to finish all presentations.  On Friday, students will be able to participate in field day.
Have a great week!

Week of May 15th

Good afternoon,
I can't believe that the end of the year is almost here.  For this week, we are working on our end of the year career research project.  Students have chosen a career and have formulated a major research question.  Each day in class, students will be working on their research project. Please see the attached rubric and required  components, as well as the list of due dates.  This project will count as a test grade, and it is due Tuesday, May 23rd.  The project should be done in Google Slides and can be accessed via Google Classroom. All students will be required to present their completed project between the dates of May 23rd and May 25th. The daily grades will be as follows:
Research question (due Monday, 5/15)
Sources and thesis statement (due Wednesday, 5/17)
Research plan and note cards (due Thursday, 5/18)
At least 6 Google Slides (due Friday, 5/19)

Pre-AP TEST project

Pre-AP will have a three-part test project due on Wednesday, 4/26, over the short story we read last week, titled "Zebra." All instructions are in Google Classroom, and students received the information in class last Thursday.  Students also had class time to complete the project on Thursday and Friday.  This will count as a test grade.

Week of 4/24

Good evening,
This week begins our Reading Summit in order to prepare for STAAR.  Your child will be taking the STAAR Reading test on Tuesday, May 9th.
This week in Reading, students will have the opportunity to analyze their most recent benchmark test.  Class time will be devoted to finding their strengths and weaknesses, looking at the different genres that will be tested, and goal setting.  We will also read the short story, "Thank You, Ma'am," and we will have a writing activity to go along with our story to help us analyze point of view and different characters.  Students will also have a day devoted to various station activities to help us reinforce skills needed for testing.  Please encourage your child to give his/her best effort these next two weeks during STAAR practice!
Our writing this week will also focus on the short story, "Thank You, Ma'am." After reading, Pre-AP classes will complete a R.A.F.T. writing activity, and level classes will complete a character analysis/sketch.
In addition, Ms. Mathews has graciously revamped our schedule a bit in order to allow for additional Reading and Math time each day in what is being referred to as "Bobkat time."  In our allotted time for ELA, students will be practicing inference skills with drama and poetry. This will be in addition to their regular class schedule. There will be a short assessment on what is practiced in Bobkat time this Friday; this assessment will count as one daily grade.
On a final note, I am missing several problem/solution essays.  Your student should have written an essay over the short story, "The Scholarship Jacket." The essay was due this past Wednesday, and it counts for two daily grades.  Your child was also provided with a rubric and reminded in class each day last week to turn in their paper.  The rubric was also posted on my website, and the short story has been posted in Google Classroom. The last day that I will accept this assignment is Tuesday, April 25th for level classes and Monday, April 24th for Pre-AP classes.  If your child's essay is not turned in by the dates listed, the zeros will remain in the Gradebook.
Monday-Friday mornings-6:50-7:10
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons- 2:45-3:15
Thank you, and have a great week.

Week of 4/17

Good evening!
This week in Reading, we are focusing on inference, motivations of characters, main idea, paraphrasing, summary, and text connections.  We have been reading a short story from our Literature book titled "Zebra" by Chaim Potok, and we will compare and contrast this text with another text on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  On-level students will have a quick, 15 question quiz over "Zebra" and root words on Friday, 4/21.  The root word list can be found on my website as an attachment.  
Pre-AP:  Pre-AP students will have a quiz over the root words for this week on Friday, 4/21. In addition, students will be given a "choice board" to complete over the short story "Zebra."  This mini-project will count as a test grade.  The choice board will be due on Tuesday, 4/25.
Reminder:  Students have been working on a problem/solution essay over the short story "The Scholarship Jacket" since last week.  The essay was due today; however, I have several students that have not turned in their essays.  I will be entering an "M" for all missing essays this week.
Looking ahead, we will be beginning our Reading Summit next week in order to prepare for the Reading STAAR test in May.
Enjoy the rest of the week!!

Week of 4/10

Good evening,
Please remind your child that we have a root word quiz tomorrow, Monday 4/10!
In Reading this week, we will read the short story "The Scholarship Jacket" from our Literature book.  We will be discussing context clues, inferences, plot, motivations of characters, and how setting can influence plot.  Students will have a test over this short story on Thursday.  The test will be open book.
In Writing this week, students will write an essay on "The Scholarship Jacket" that discusses the problem and solution from the story.  Students will be given a rubric on Wednesday, after we finish the story.  I will also post the rubric to my website.
If your child scored below a 70 on the "What Do You Know About Sharks?" test, he/she must attend tutoring to retest by the end of this week.  
I hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend!!  Enjoy the week ahead.

Root word quiz

The root word quiz originally planned for today was postponed until Monday!  Please remind your child to study this weekend!  Root words are listed below as an attachment.  Your child should also have a copy.
Have a great weekend.