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Welcome to Mrs. Atkinson's 6th grade Math class. This is her tenth year of teaching in Willis ISD.  She is a Sam Houston State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, specialized 4-8 Math. She loves teaching math and is looking forward to a great year.  

Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns at



1st Period    Conf  7:15 - 8:08

2nd – 3rd Period   8:12 - 10:05

Announcements:   9:09 - 9:12

4th – 5th Period    10:09 -12:41

 A LUNCH             11:07-11:37

6th – 7th Period    12:45 - 2:35




Recent Posts

Week of May 22nd

Monday - End of the Year Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday - Battleship - Measurement Conversions
Wednesday - Solving One-Step Inequalities and Summer Fun
Thursday - Logic Puzzles  ** Talent Show $1
Friday- No backpacks allowed
             Basketball game $3, 
             Parents that plan on attending must sign in
             All students must be picked up no later than  3pm


Week of May 15, 2017

Monday - Day 2 Geometric Town - Class Assignment (Major Grade)
Tuesday - Day 3 Geometric Town due
                 6th Grade Math Vocab Review (Create a Crossword puzzle)
Wednesday - Graduations Gremlins, Mystery Case, Complete Clue #1-2
Thursday - Graduations Gremlins, Mystery Case, Complete Clue #3-5
Friday - Review Scavenger Hunt

Week of April 17th

Monday - Paying for College
** Homework sent home, due Thursday Apr 20th
Tuesday - Careers and Salaries
Wednesday - Building your Credit and Banking
Thursday - Unit Test
Friday - Benchmark Review/World Tour Kick Off (Staar Summit)

6th Math Week of April 10th

Monday - Relative Frequency
Homework given in class, due Thursday 4/13
Tuesday- Relative Frequency, Data Summary: Mean, Mode, Range, Median
Wednesday- Review all Graphs, interpret and summarize
Thursday - Review Graphs and Quiz
Homework due
Friday - School Holiday

PAPMath Week of April 10th

Monday - Dot Plots and Stem and Leafs, Data Summary 
Homework given in class, due 4/13
Tuesday - Histograms Relative Frequency
Wednesday - Box Plots
Thursday - Review all Graphs and Quiz,
Homework due
Friday - School Holiday

Week of April 3rd

Monday - Math Benchmark
Tuesday - Reading Benchmark
Wednesday - Rotations:Ratios and Unit Rates as Proportions
       PAP- Blueprint Area Activity
       6MTh - Complete Unit 10 Assessment
Thursday- Rotations: Ratio, Unit Rates and Percent Proportions
       PAP- Blueprint Area Activity/ Dot Plots and MMMR
Friday - 
      PAP- Unit 9 Test: Area and Volume
       6MTh - Summarize Categorical Data and Variability within Data

Unit 9 Study Guide

Unit 9 Test will be Friday, April 7th
Students will receive bonus points on their test if they complete the study guide WITH work. The study guide will be due on Friday, April 7th at the beginning of their class period. 

6th Math Week of March 27th

Monday - Box Plots and Mean (averages)
Homework: pgs 279-282, due Thursday
Tuesday - Math Rotations - Measurement Conversions
Wednesday - Math Rotations - Review 
Thursday - Median, Mode, Range, Mean (averages)
Friday - Data and Graphs