Robert P. Brabham Middle School

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Welcome to Algebra and 8th grade math!

Mrs. Rex is a graduate from Hamline University in Minnesota.  She is currently in her 28th year of teaching.  She has taught in Minnesota, Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas, grades ranging from elementary all the way through high school.  
Mrs. Rex is married to her husband, Craig Rex.  They have two children, Zane and Carson, that attend Willis schools.  Craig is the DECA teacher along with many other trades at Willis High School.
After school tutorials Mon - Friday In room 315 .  Please pick up your child by 3:15.  Other tutorial times available upon request.

1st- 8th grade math    7:30 - 8:35
2nd- Algebra               8:39 - 9:29
3rd-  8th grade math   9:33 - 10:23
4th- Algebra              10:27 - 12:08
5th- conference         12:12 - 1:02
6th- 8th grade math     1:06 - 1:56
7th- Algebra                 2:00 - 2:50
Great first day!!!  Students in all classes learned that this year will be full of obstacles as well as success in a team building activity.  They had to build a structure that would hold a marshmallow.  The group with the highest structure won.  59cm tall was the winner.  The materials were 20 spaghetti noodles, 1 yard of painters tape, one yard of string, and a marshmallow.