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Welcome to Algebra and 8th grade math!

Mrs. Rex is a graduate from Hamline University in Minnesota.  She is currently in her 27th year of teaching.  She has taught in Minnesota, Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas, grades ranging from elementary all the way through high school.  
Mrs. Rex is married to her husband, Craig Rex.  They have two children, Zane and Carson, that attend Willis schools.  Craig is the DECA teacher along with many other trades at Willis High School.
Tutorials Mon - Thursday 6:45 a.m. to 7:10 a.m. room 115.  Thursday after school 2:40  - 3:30, room 310

1st- 8th grade math
2nd- 8th grade math
3rd- conference 
4th- Algebra
5th- 8th grade math 
6th- Algebra
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8th grade math:

It is here.  We are beginning our countdown to STAAR.  The STAAR test will take place on March 28th.  
Papers are going home on Monday with specific teks that students are weak in.  Please help out students succeed with consistent work at  home.  
In addition we will be having a Are You Smarter Than an 8th Grader night.  Students will be teaching our parents how to complete 8th grade math.  Expect an invitation on Monday as well.


This week in class we will be working with the concept of exponential functions.  Students will be able to match an exponential graph with a real world problem.

Testing this week.

Both classes - Algebra and 8th grade will have tests this Friday 10-28.  Review is coming home on Monday, 10-24.  We will go over answers on Tuesday.  
Tutorials this week with me:  Thursday after school.
Tutorials with other teachers:  send an email and I will tell you which teachers on on call.

Red Ribbon Week!

Red Ribbon Week Themes
Monday - Wild about being drug free -wear animal print/safari attire
Tuesday - We're RED-y to live drug free - YOLO - wear red
Wednesday - Drug Free Rocks - Dress like a rockstar
Thursday - Mix It Up - Meet New Friends - Wear mix matched clothes
Friday - Power to the Purple - Get Your Brabham On!!!- Wear Wildkat purple

change 8th grade test review

Here is a change to #4 on 8th test review. 

A square and a regular hexagon have the same perimeter.  The square
    has a side length of 4x units.  The hexagon's side has a length of             
    (4x - 20) units.  What will be the perimeter of each the hexagon and the

bolded word said triangle on previous paper

RE-TEST policy

Students are allowed to retake tests after they have attended tutorials, where they work problems based on questions that they have missed.  A maximum score of 70.  After school tutorials are every day...teachers are different depending on the day. Please send an email to set up a day and time.


Unit test this week on Friday.  ALL Students  will bring home a test review on Monday, September 26.  These reviews will be due on Thursday, September 29 so that students are ready for the test on Friday.


Please sign up for REMIND:  
A valuable tool for reminders of upcoming events or tests.
TEXT the number:   08010
In the message area type the code after the @ symbol.
   8th grade math students:   @6c2c344
   Algebra students:  @d873ke

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