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Welcome to another great year at Brabham Middle School!
My name is Yolanda Nephew, and I am truly excited for the start of a new school year!  This is my fifth year teaching, and all have been in Special Education!  This is my second year here at Brabham.  I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Education.  I am Special Education certified EC-12.
I am very passionate about working with kids and making a positive difference in each one of their lives!  This year I will be teaching LIDS full-time, as well as taking on the role of SpEd Department Chair.   I will be collaborating with Stefanie Keller who is also a LIDS teacher. This is going to be a fun and exciting year!  I look forward to a positive and productive school year!  
If you have any questions, concerns, and/or would like to schedule a conference, please feel free to contact me through email or by phone.
Contact Information:
Phone: (936) 890-2312
Conference time: 10:27-11:17



Week at a Glance (September 17-22)





Students will watch a Brainpop Jr. video over verbs and take the easy and hard quiz. Students will record academic vocabulary and examples of verbs in their ELA journals


Students will complete independent, whole group, and small group activities over action/linking verbs and verb tenses.


Social Studies


Students will have a class discussion over obeying rules and laws at school and in our community. Students will collaborate with the class on what would happen if we had no rules. Students will record academic vocabulary in SS journal and complete a small group activity over rules and laws



Students will be split into small groups. Each group will be expected to create a rule or law in which they would like to be passed. Students will create a poster board with their law, and write a letter to the mayor explaining why their rule or law should be passed and how it will make their community better. This will count as a major grade. Students will present their poster to the class.




Students will continue review of the 3 states of matter. Students will be given worksheets over each state of matter (Solid, liquid gas) in which they will have to complete independently.



Each group will complete a Science experiment in which they will make slime.  Students will observe how  most liquids are fast moving (water, juice, etc.) but slime is slow moving.  Students will observe how slime takes the shape of any container because it is a liquid. Students will record their observation on the slime observation worksheet.


Students will complete the 3 states of matter sort and take an assessment over the 3 states of matter.




Students will watch a Brainpop Jr. video over greater than less than, equal to. Students will complete the quiz after watching. Students will record academic vocabulary in math journals.



Numbers will be written on the board. Students will come to the board and insert the correct symbol(greater than, less than, equal to).

Students will also be split into small groups. Each group will be expected to read the greater than or less than statement on the cards. Students will decide whether each statement is true or false (ex. 67>27 is true, but 27>67 is false). Students will place the greater than or less than card on the correct sorting mat. After sorting all the cards, students will record their sort on the recording sheet.



Students will take an assessment over greater than, less than, and equal to.