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Welcome to Sra. Pedrami's Spanish I

I have been a teacher for over 30 years and have taught students from pre-k to college level. I fell in love with teaching while working a summer job at an English for Spanish Speakers camp. It was supposed to be a temporary job but it became my passion. Just like I have taught all ages, I have also taught Spanish and English depending on which part of the world I was. Yes! Traveling is my other passion. Now my family and I have made Conroe our home and I am very happy to be at Brabham MS, not only because I have been welcomed with open arms but because it is also very close to my new house.
I hope parents will pay a visit to one of my classes and learn along with their children some more Spanish!


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Week at a glance

Dear Parents,

Every week I will keep you updated with the material we are covering in class and the activities we are doing. This information will also be posted on my website. Please, feel free to contact me should you have questions.

Sra. Pedrami

Week at a glance


Introduce Spanish Speaking countries and capitals


Practice countries and capitals. Practice dialogues


Students will present their dialogues (major grade)


Finish dialogues. Start question ¿De dònde eres?


Practice countries and capitals and asking where people are from