Robert P. Brabham Middle School

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A message from the Choir Hall

7th and 8th Grade Women's Choir went to the Region IX UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest. The ladies represented the school well with good behavior and wonderful singing. There are two portions of the contest: Concert Performance and Sight-Reading Performance. There are three judges for each portion. You can be given a score of 1 to 5, with 1 being a Superior rating and 5 being a Needs Improvement rating. Last year, these ladies received 4, 4, 5 for the concert portion and 4, 4, 4 on the sight-reading portion.

I am very happy to say that this year they have done phenomenally well! They received a 2, 2, 2 on the Concert Portion and a 1, 2, 2 on the sight-reading portion! I am so proud of these ladies and the very hard work they have done over the past two and a half months to prepare for the contest. Thank you so much for supporting our program!

Rachel RodriguezBrabham Middle School
Choir Director
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