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Welcome to Mr. Jerry Reese's Home Page
I have a background as a teacher, coach, administrator in a variety of schools across the nation before moving to Willis ISD and Brabham Middle School.  I will be teaching 6th grade science and coaching football (8th grade), track and girls' soccer on the both 7th-8th grade level. 
Educational Background:
B.A - University of Texas at Arlington 1974    Physical Education and Biology
Graduate work at University of North Texas in Counseling
Athletic Background:
1966-1970           Graham High School          Football, Basketball, Track  
                                                                       (Baseball outside of school)
1971-1974           UTexas at Arlington            Track & Field        
                                                                       (1974  Outstanding Senior Track Athlete)
Coaching Experience:
Head Coached: High School level:  Football, Basketball, Soccer, Track, Baseball, Tennis, Golf
State/Conference Championships:  Football, Basketball, Soccer, Track, Baseball, Tennis, Golf
Certified Athletic Administrator through The National Federation of High Schools


Recent Posts

Week at a Glance   Feb 19 - 23

Week at a Glance   Feb 19 - 23

Tuesday:             PPT:  Earth's Place in Space   
Wednesday:        Rotations:  Smores Ad   at
Thursday:            Rotations:  Smores Ad
Friday:                  In class writing assignments on the Solar System

Week at a Glance: Jan 22-26

Week at a Glance   Jan 22-26
Monday:            Lab:  Speed data    
Tuesday:            WS:  Calculating Speed (helpful review attached)         
Wednesday:      Quiz:  Graphing, Speed
Thursday:           Force - Motion
Friday:                 Force Motion Lab

Week at a Glance: Jan 15-19

Week at a Glance   Jan 15-19
Monday:          School Holiday            
Tuesday:          Lab:  Motion
                          PPT:  Time distance Graphing  
                          Study Stack for entire unit 
                          Graphing, force, Motion and simple Machines:
Wednesday:      Lab: Motion (using the data)
                           WS:  Traveling through Texas
Thursday:         Video:  Bill Nye:  Motion  with worksheet     
                           WS:  Calculating Speed
Friday:              Quiz:  Calculating Speed

Week at a Glance; Feb 5 - 9

Week at a Glance   Feb 5 - 9
Monday:              Review for Unit Test:  Graphing, Force, Motion, Simple Machines 
                             Review sheet attached; students received it on Thursday
                             Force Motion Crossword due      
Tuesday:              Unit Test:   Graphing, Force, Motion, Simple Machines 
Wednesday:        Intro to The Solar System
Thursday:            Space Exploration Timeline
Friday:                  Space Exploration Timeline