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Advanced Academics

Advanced academics includes coursework and opportunities that prepare students for accelerated learning in high school, more rigorous mastery of current coursework, and higher scores on college entrance exams.
Why consider advanced academics?
  • Taking a rigorous curriculum in high school is the best predictor of students’ ability to complete a bachelors’ degree (Answers in the Toolbox, 1999).
  • Students taking more advanced courses score about 2.4 points higher on the ACT composite than students taking standard graduation plan courses (ACT High School Profile, 2005).
  • Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school have higher GPAs in college than students who do not take AP Courses (Answers in the Toolbox, 1999).
Advanced Academic Opportunities at Brabham
  • Pre-AP: Pre-AP courses are open enrollment courses in science, math, social studies, and English language arts and reading. Courses are writing enriched to better prepare students for college work. Lessons also include accelerated objectives as soon as students master grade level objectives. Students in Pre-AP are expected to maintain an average grade of 85 or higher. Our goal is for all students in Pre-AP to achieve advanced performance on STAAR.
  • UIL: UIL academics includes extracurricular competitions. Students in UIL will compete against other students from surrounding school districts in many areas. Some of the UIL topics include: impromptu speaking, modern oratory, prose and poetry, spelling, written expression, math computation, history, drama, and science.
  • High School Credit: Students at Brabham may take high school courses that count toward graduation credit. These courses include high school Algebra, Spanish 1, and Art 1.
  • Acceleration by Exam: If a student wishes to accelerate to the next grade level or earn course credit without having received prior instruction in the grade level or course, the District offers opportunities to take a Board-approved examination. Certain criteria must be met, such as: achievement test scores and social and emotional development. EHDC (LOCAL)