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Class Schedule:  
1st period:  6th ELA  
2nd period: 6th ELA PRE-AP
3rd period:  6th ELA
4th period:  6th ELA
5th period: 6th ELA PRE-AP
6th period: 6th ELA
7th period: confernce
TUTORIALS:  Thursdays if needed
Conference period time: 2:00-2:50  Please call or email for an appointment
Mrs. Akin has taught English Language Arts for 22 years in the Willis school district.  She has a finance degree with a minor in history.  She also went to Sam Houston State for another 66 hours to receive her teaching certification. Mrs. Akin still loves what she does for a living and is excited about the new year!
Education:  Texas Tech University, Bachelor of Business Administration Finance
                   Sam Houston State University, Teacher Certification
Certifications: General Education K-8 History
                       English Language Arts 4-8
                       English as a Second Language 4-8
Email Address:
Office Phone: 936-890-2312    

Recent Posts

April 2-6, 2018

Dear Parents,
I hope you and your families had a wonderful Easter break.  I enjoyed it so much, I did not get finished grading the persuasive papers.  I did get almost all of them in and printed.  I will work to get these done ASAP.
We are starting to go back and review for the end of the year.  We have very solid lessons, so I hope the students work their hardest to make sure they know all they need to know before moving on to the 7th grade.  Behaviors need to be in check to make sure that ALL the students can learn.  Attendance will also needed to ensure the FULL lessons are being taught.  Please try to have them there.
We will have MEMBEAN vocabulary tests every Friday, but we might have to have you work on your individual time at home.  We will try to give you at least 15 minutes a week.  Remember you are expected to have 30 minutes to help you will the test and provide you with a 100 for a daily grade.  If you do not have computer access at home, please come in the am between 7-7:30 to use my computers.  I also always have tutorials every Thursdays after school.  
We are suspending "Book of the Week" until the middle of May because this also takes away class time.  
Monday:  Unit 4 test; membean 15 minutes
Tuesday:  Finish test and write a summary over the article; Library day for 10 minutes
Wednesday and Thursday:  Compare and contrast two historical fiction pieces.  One is a drama and the other is a 
traditional story.  Students will compare and contrast the historical and cultual settings and themes.  A plot diagram will be prepared for the traditional story while key features will be addressed when reading a play.
Friday:  membean quiz;  compare and contrast the historical fiction story to a poem over the same topic.  We will also review figurative language at this time.  This lesson will continue over into the following week.
Most of these lessons will be started and completed in class.  They will only be homework if someone was absent or not paying attention.  
As you can see, we are gearing up for the end.  I hope you have a wonderful week, and please feel free to email about any concerns you might have.  
Judy Akin

March 26-29, 2018

Dear Parents,
This week we will have a short week.  Friday is a holiday.
Monday:  Comprehension toolkit dealing with changing your thinking as you read.
Tuesday:  Math benchmark
Wednesday:  Lesson over faulty reasoning and advertising techniques
Thursday:  Reading benchmark
Friday:  Holiday
Please go on line and check your child's grades to see if they are missing anything.  MANY kids did not do the homework that was due Friday on Google Classroom.  The book of the week was Unstoppable.  Please ask your child if they did this.  If not, it is past due.  Thanks
NO MEMBEAN OR BOOK OF THE WEEK  for this week.  

Last 9 weeks

Dear Parents,
Welcome back from spring break!!  I hope the kids are ready to go!!  
Monday:  Toolkit lesson learning how to get to the "gist" of the material through synthesizing.
Book of the week assignment will be due on Friday.
Tuesday:  Library day, start persuasive paper with an outline, Membean vocab
Wednesday:  Research 3 points for persuasive paper, rough draft, Membean vocab
Thursday:  Editing and revising.  Teacher will conference with students to review their writing.
Friday:  Membean quiz, finish up persuasive papers, article of the week, read theory.  Homework due:  book of the week.
This is the last 9 weeks.  Please encourage your student to work hard.  Email with any questions.
Judy Akin

Week before spring break!!

Dear Parents, 
Welcome to the week before spring break.  Please encourage your kids to keep trying until Friday.  We have grades due for the report card!!  Please check your child's grades and have them work with the teacher to get missing and late work.  I can help students in the am before 7:30, and I have tutorials on Thursday after school.  
Monday:  Reading to activate background knowledge.  Students will read an article about the Rwanda Genocide that they just recently studied in history.  HOMEWORK will be assigned and due by Friday.  I am assigning the first 2 chapters of the Maze Runner.  Many students have seen the movie, but I want them to get hooked on the book as well.  The book and questions are on Google Classroom.
Tuesday and Wednesday:  Compare and contrast two articles over the same topic but with different viewpoints.  Students are working on persuasion.  They need to recognize there can be extreme differences on the same material.  This will be the last major grade of the 9 weeks.  Membean for both days 
(pre-ap will be taking their novel test.  Reviews are due for extra points on their test)
Thursday:  Membean quiz on this day instead of Friday.  Read Works article of the week, read theory, and catch up time.  
Friday:  article over the history of St. Patrick's Day and pep rally schedule.  Also there is early release.
Please email me with any concerns or comments.  I hope you and your child have an awesome week.
Judy Akin

Last week of February

Dear Parents,
We will have our vocabulary for 30 minutes of practice this week with a quiz on Friday. If your child is absent, they need to make it up at home or come and make it up with me  before Friday.  I have tutorials every morning and Thursday afternnons until 3:30.  
Library will be on Tuesday.  Students are required to have a reading book with them at all times.  It does NOT have to be from our library.
Homework due Friday:  Google Classroom:  students are to read the first few pages of a book I select.  They will then turn in their answers to 4 or 5 questions in through classroom  If you have no internet at home, they need to do this during warm up time.  Students can request a paper copy.  A Monster Calls
Monday:  Toolkit lesson learning to take notes and make connections while they read.
Tuesday:  Library and notes over persuasive writing and persuasive devices.
Wednesday:  Unit 3 retest; comprehension sheet
Thursday:  Compare and contrast 2 articles covering the same topic but have different views about their claims.
Friday:  membean quiz; article of the day; read theory comprehension practice; make up work  (homework due)
Pre-AP:  novel test is March 6th.  Review will be given on Wednesday and due by the 6th.  This review will be extra points added to the test.  The test is challenging due to the essays.  Please encourage your child to do the essays.  Thanks

Feb. 19-23

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the new week.
Tuesday:  Learning how to read textbooks and sort out the important facts.
Wednesday: Rotation schedule due to 7th and 8th grade testing. We will do membean and then solve a murder mystery!!
Thursday: Rotations again.  We will do membean practice then write a creative paper.  It is a required writing. I KNOW I am pushing writing this year, but I promise it is making them stonger!!
Friday:  review unit 3 test/retest; membean quiz and read theory.
I am behind on my grading due to my knee surgery.  I hope to be up to speed by the end of the week.  Thanks for all the sweet notes of encouragement.  I was very happy to be back.
Please email if you have any questions.
Judy Akin

Feb 12-16

Dear Parents,
Monday:  Comprehension toolkit learning to find author's perspective in an article.
Tuesday:  Library day and writing a past tense narrative paper
Wednesday and Thursday:  Unit 3 test focusing on text structure, main idea, and summary with expository text.
Friday:  Read theory, Membean, and conferncing with students about weeks' work.  
Surgery is over, and I go to PT and visit doctor tomorrow.  I hope to get back to school as soon as I can.  
I will be entering grades tomorrow instead of today, so look for new grades then.  
Thanks, Judy Akin


To enhance the Pre-Ap class, I have assgined a novel for the students to read on their own.  I give the students 10 minutes a day to read as a warm-up.  This book is a historial fiction based on a time during WWII.  I gave the students a timeline of 5 weeks, so the novel is due on March 5th.  We will have a review and then test over the book.  I gave them a background knowledge/map over the area they are studying.  This 2-sided sheet is due on 2/14.  
I hope the kids enjoy the book, but I need you to encourage them to read if they are not self-motivated.  
Thanks, Judy Akin
The Cay
Theodore Taylor

NOVEL 2nd period

To enhance the Pre-Ap class, I have assgined a novel for the students to read on their own.  I give the students 10 minutes a day to read as a warm-up.  This book is a historial fiction based on a time period right before the Civil War.  I gave the students a timeline of 5 weeks. The novel is a 4 book series, and if a student would like to read another one, I have them too.  The due date is March 5th.  We will have a review and then test over the book.  
I gave them an interview sheet and small family tree.  This book is about family, so it is nice for them to think back to their roots.  They may do extra interviews for extra credit.  The family tree is different for every family.  Please initial if you cannot fill in some spaces.  This 2-sided sheet is due on 2/14.  
I hope the kids enjoy the book, but I need you to encourage them to read if they are not self-motivated.  
Thanks, Judy Akin
A Family Apart
Joan Lowry Nixon

WAG February 5-9, 2018

Dear Parents,
This week we will be busy, busy busy!!!
I don't know if your child told you or not, but I have to have knee surgery this coming Friday.  I hurt it a few weeks ago, and this is the end result!!  I will be out this Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday.  When I get back, I have to be off my leg for 4 weeks!!  This means the kids will have to help me out.  I really hate being out of class for any reason, but this is an unplanned event!!
Monday:  Comprehension lesson learning to annotate on paper using current event articles.  HOMEWORK due Friday:  Students will pick between 3 books to read the first chapter.  They will find these chapters on Google Classroom.  They will then answer 4 questions about the chapter they just read.  Please let me know if your student needs a hard copy.
Tuesday:  Membean warm up; comparing and contrasting two articles individually.  Students will annotate and then answer questions relating to each article and how they relate together. 
Wednesday:  Membean warm up; finish Tuesday activities
Thursday:  Following directions LEGO activity.  Students will be given a baggie with 5 LEGOS.  They will then build something with them.  They need to write down the steps for building.  They must then write a letter to a friend explaining how to put the LEGO blocks together to build the SAME figure they described.  Many will be shocked how difficult it is to write directions.
Friday:  Membean quiz, read theory 15 minutes, Readworks article of the day, finish LEGO activity.

January 29-February 2, 2018

Dear Parents,
Grades are due by Thursday for progress reports. I have tutorials on Thursdays until 3:30.
Monday we will work on comprehension learning how to use text features like maps to help with comprehension. (Membean: 15 minutes)
Homework due on Friday:  Students will pick between two books that are downloaded on Google Classroom.  Students will pick one and read the first chapter.  Students will then answer questions found on Google Classroom.  If you do NOT have INTERNET, please tell your student to come see me in the am or after school to get the assignment.  If they still need it, I can make some copies.  Students will need to talk to me about this individually.
Tuesday:  Mid-semester writing sample.  Students will be given an expository prompt, and they will write on the given lined paper.  
Wednesday:  Membean for 15 minutes and finish papers editing and revising as needed.
Thursday:  Students will be assigned two articles on the same subject.  Students will compare and contrast major points of the articles.
Friday:  Homework from Monday is due.  Students will take a Membean quiz over words they learned over the week.  Last chance to finish paper, finish Membean and practice read theory.  
Please contact me if you have questions about the homework or any assignments listed.  
Have an awesome week!
Judy Akin

Nov. 27-Dec. 1


Audi: hear

Scrib: write

Cede: go

Cise: cut

Placid: calm

Singular: unique

Amiable: friendly

Incredulous: skeptical (doubting)

Perplex: confused

Cred: believe   (incredulous, credible)

Miss: send  (emission,mission)

Cide: kill     (homicide, regicide)

Dict: say     (dictation, edict)

Bell: war     (rebellion)

Melancholy:  sadness

Visage: facial expression

Venerate:  great respect

Abate:  lessen; reduce

Repose:  rest; sleep

Nov. 13-17, 2017

Dear Parents,
FICTIONAL STORIES DUE TOMORROW, NOV. 13!!!!!  Students will able to type the paper, but it was not required.  We worked on this for 3 days in school.  They final copy is probably all they needed to finish.  

                           NO VOCABULARY this week.  We need a break!!  
Some of you might have noticed a few low grades on Jack and the Beanstalk.  Your child might need to come to tutorials this week.  I will have tutorials Tuesday and Thursday after school this week.  I really want your child to understand the material, so please encourage them to come!!
If you see a M or INC in the gradebook, your child was probably absent or not finished with an assignment.  Please have them get with me to complete their assignment.
Monday:  comprehension lesson
Tuesday:  Unit two test over fiction.  It will be one passage with STAAR type questions about fiction.  Not really anything they can study for.  Hopefully they will READ the passage and try as hard as they can!!
Wednesday:  Finish test and start  Students will create 6 cartoon frames using their fictional story.
Thursday:  finish story boards
Friday:  shortened schedule; Thanksgiving analogies
Please check your child's grades.  And keep them coming to school!!  I know we are all looking forward to our Thanksgiving break!!
Judy Akin