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Welcome to Mrs. Bird's class page.
Mrs. Bird teaches 8th grade math and is the director of the Sophistikats. She is a graduate of Sam Houston State University. This will be Mrs. Bird's tenth year teaching in Willis. She has had experience teaching everything from Algebra to 6th grade math. This will be her eighth year directing with the drill team . She is a proud wife and joyful mother of three children. 
The best way to contact Mrs. Bird is by email at
Mrs. Bird will respond to your email within 24 hours.
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1st Period - Math
2nd Period - Drill Team
3rd Period - Math
4th Period - Math
5th Period - Conference
6th Period - Math
7th Period - Math
Tutorials are available by appointment. Please contact Mrs. Bird to set up a tutorial time if needed. A tutorial schedule for all classes will be posted as soon as possible. 
Class Expectations:
1. Be prompt - Come to class on time and working when the bell rings.
2. Be prepared - Come to class with all necessary materials. Complete all homework prior to class.
3. Be polite - Treat your teacher, classmates and yourself with respect. 
1. Warning
2. Parent Contact
3. ASD with Parent Contact
4. Referral
*Consequences start over each class period, except in cases of automatic referrals. 
Develop a passion for learning. If you do you will never cease to grow.
- Anthony D'Angelo

Recent Posts

Week at a Glance 4/2 to 4/6

Good evening parents,
This week we will be working hard since this will be our last week before our 8th Grade Math STAAR test. Throughout the week this week, we will be working on a variety of questions and activities. Students are expected to put their full effort into our activities so that can get the full benefit of the time we are spending. There will be a homework assignment this week that will be due of Friday. This homework is a spiral of expectations from the year. Students will also review a 8th grade math "cheat sheet" which has information on every topic that we have covered this year. 
I would suggest students spend some time each night working on their homework and looking over the "cheat sheet" to help them prepare for the STAAR test. 
I will have tutorials every morning this week. Students are welcome to come to my class room each morning before school and get additional help. 
I will not have after school tutorials this week, but students are welcome to get help from other teachers as needed. 
Week at a Glance 
Monday - Homework passed out, STAAR review
Tuesday - STAAR review, Bobkat Time Schedule
Wednesday - STAAR review, Bobkat Time Schedule
Thursday- STAAR review, Bobkat Time Schedule
Friday- STAAR review, Homework due
After STAAR testing, we should get the results in approximately 2-3 weeks. Students who do not meet the passing standard for the STAAR test will be required to test again. 
We will begin preparing for the first unit of Algebra 1 after our STAAR test and will be participating in some project based learning. 
Mrs. Bird
Brabham Middle School
8th Grade Math
Sophistikats Director

Week at a Glance 2/26 to 3/2

Good evening parents,
The results from our benchmark test last week overall were very good. 94% of students showed improvement from last year's STAAR test and from the first Benchmark test. 
The three areas of review that we are going to focus on overall for students in the upcoming weeks is surface area, making predictions from trend lines, and writing and solving equations from word problems.
The students showed significant growth in interpreting unit rate, identifying slope and transformations on a coordinate plane. 
Students will be using their individual data to come up goals to address any misunderstandings that they have. 
Week at a Glance 2/26 to 3/2
Monday - Angle Relationships in Triangles
Tuesday - Transversal Angle Relationships
Wednesday - Surface Area and Volume
Thursday - Surface Area
Friday - Surface Area
Tutorials are offered each morning before school and Friday afternoon. 
Please make sure your child has returned the pink career day forms to their first period teacher. These need to be returned before Spring Break.
Mrs. Bird
Brabham Middle School
8th Grade Math
Sophistikats Director

Week at a Glance 2/20-2/23

Good afternoon parents, 
This week we will be taking a Benchmark test over Math and Reading. The students have been working hard to prepare for this. 
Week at a Glance 2/20-2/23
Tuesday - Review for Benchmark
Wednesday - Math Benchmark, periods 5 and 6, we will start angle relationships
Thursday - Reading Benchmark, period 4 and 7, we will start angle relationships
Friday - Writing Assignments about Math, angle relationships
Next week we will be working on angle relationships and transversals. We will also be reviewing our geometry concepts from the last unit including volume and surface area. 
Tutorials and retest
Tutorials are available each morning and Friday after school. If your child needs to retest Unit 8, please make arrangements for them to come to tutorials before retesting and retest by this Friday
All students need to turn in their career day forms. 
The pink career day form and the white field trip form were passed out to every student. The pink form must be completely filled out. On the white form, parents need to sign the 'Parent Release' section. 
Students will be receiving an Interview and Reflection packet later in the semester to take with them to their career placement for career day. 
This is a really exciting opportunity for our students to get a taste of the 'real world'. 
If your child has not given you this form, I have attached it below. 
Extra help
Students have been working on focusing on their needs as individuals during differentiate instruction in class. Students can also work on this at home. Below are the links that we have used. Even if your child practices for 15 minutes per night, there will be a great improvement in their understanding. Please have your child use the links to practice.
Ordering Real Numbers
Proportional relationships pLRJUS
Slope Intercept Vwi5u7
Identifying Functions UVgb7M
Solving Equations fp7Jrd
Surface Area of Prisms
Pythagorean Theorem
Transversal Angles
Triangle Angle Theorems

There are also many opportunities for them to practice their math vocabulary which is critical to understanding word problems. We will be starting this in class soon, but they are welcome to work ahead on the follow vocabulary practice sets. 
Mrs. Bird
Brabham Middle School
8th Grade Math
Sophistikats Director

Review for Benchmark 2

Review from Benchmark 1:
8.2D Ordering Real Numbers
8.4B Proportional relationships
8.4C Slope Intercept
8.5G Identifying Functions
8.8C Solving Equations
Surface Area of Prisms
Pythagorean Theorem
Transversal Angles
Triangle Angle Theorems

Week at a Glance 2/12 to 2/16

Good evening parents, 
We have a few busy weeks coming up before Spring Break gets here. 
If your child needs to retake their  Unit 7 test they will need to come before or after school on Monday. This is the only day that retesting will be offered. 
We will be taking an assessment this Tuesday that covers Pythagorean Theorem and volume. Students have been working on these two topics for the last three weeks and were given a study guide to complete in and out of class last week. We will be grading the study guide in class on Monday so that students will have the opportunity to ask questions and see what they still need to study prior to their assessment on Tuesday. 
Please remember that tutorials are offered daily before school and each Friday in my classroom after school. 
All 8th graders were given information last week about Career day. This information was on a bright pink form. Please remember to sign this information for your 8th grader and return the form back to their 1st period teacher. 
Week at a Glance: 
Monday - Review for Unit 8/9 Assessment, Unit 7 retakes before and after school
Tuesday - Unit 8/9 Assessment
Wednesday - Benchmark Review of Semester 1 Proportional/Non proportional relationships
Thursday - Benchmark Review of Semester 1 Proportional/Non proportional relationships, functions, slope and y-intercept
Friday - Benchmark Review of transformations, modeling and solving equations
Our second Benchmark test for this year will be on Wednesday February 21st.
Monday February 19th is a student holiday.
Please remember to check your child's grades using the link below. Missing assignments need to be completed and turned in as soon as possible. There are 4 weeks remaining in this marking period before report cards are posted. 
Daily attendance is very important as it is a leading indicator for student success. Please help by having your student to school on time every day.
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Mrs. Bird
Brabham Middle School
8th Grade Math
Sophistikats Director

Week at a Glance 2/5 to 2/9

Good evening parents,
Monday morning all 8th grade students will be visiting the high school. The students will have a wonderful opportunity to see all that the high school offers. There was a letter sent home last week with students about this visit as well as the parent information meeting that will be held at the high school and a link to graduation requirements. 
Friday students took their assessment over transformations. We have been working on transformations as the first of our three geometry units for the year. Students began studying transformations before Christmas break. We will continue to spiral this information as well as all of our material throughout the rest of the school year so that students can retain and extend their knowledge of each unit. If your child needs to retake this assessment, they will need to attend tutorials in order to reteach any material they did not understand. Students must attend tutoring prior to retaking the assessment. 
Students may come to tutorials before school this week starting at 6:55 to 7:30 am. There will be no after school tutorials this week. Next Monday 2/12 students may stay until 3:30 pm to complete retakes in my classroom. Please make arrangements for your child to stay after school on Monday 2/12 if they need to retake the test. Monday 2/12 will be the last day to retake the Unit 7 assessment. 
Week at a Glance 2/5 to 2/9
Monday - Students visit WHS, afternoon classes will review finding volume of cylinders, cones and spheres.
Tuesday - Surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms, Students will get their Unit 7 test back in class, Unit 8/9 study guide will be passed out (due on Monday 2/12)
Wednesday - Surface area of cylinders
Thursday - Surface area of prisms and cylinders
Friday-  Surface area of prisms and cylinders
We will be having a test on Tuesday 2/13 covering Pythagorean Theorem and Volume. The students will receive a study guide for this material on Tuesday 2/6. Students who need additional assistance on the study guide may come before school for tutorials to get help. It is better for students to prepare for tests ahead of time than to react to a low grade after taking the test. 
Please check with your child to make sure that they have necessary materials for class including pencils and paper. Also, please encourage your child to stay organized by using a binder or folder for each class to keep up with their daily material. Organizational skills are very important for students to develop at this age as they get prepared for high school.
Daily attendance is very important as it is a leading indicator for student success. Please help by having your student to school on time every day.
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Mrs. Bird
Brabham Middle School
8th Grade Math
Sophistikats Director