Math Updates 9/15

This week our class had our very first test of the year. The grades are up to date in my gradebook. Students will be getting their test back on Monday. Students who made below a 70 on the test will have the opportunity to retake the test. They must attend at least 30 minutes of tutorials and come for retakes within 5 school days. We have tutorials each afternoon except for Wednesday in room 315 until 3:15 pm. I also have morning tutorials during our homeroom time. I would suggest that students spend as much time in tutorials as the need to in order to feel confident in their retake. I will be available for retakes on on Thursday 9/21, Friday 9/22, and Monday 9/25. I will stay until 4:00 pm to allow students sufficient time to take their exam without being rushed. Please make sure if your child is staying to take their exam that they have a ride when they are finished. 
Week at a Glance for 9/18 to 9/22
Monday - We will be working on Ordering Numbers in the Real Number System. 
Tuesday - Students will complete a Performance Assessment over Unit 1, which will include Ordering Real Numbers, Scientific Notation, and the Real Number System. This will be a quiz grade for students. 
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - We will begin Unit 3. This unit covers writing, modeling and solving equations with variables on both sides. This is an extension of their 6th and 7th grade equations units. As 6th graders, students learn to write and solve one step equations. 7th grade students learn to write and solve two step equations.
Our next test will be on Thursday 9/28. This test will cover ordering real numbers and writing equations with variables on both sides for word problems. Students will also have a few review questions that spiral from our first assessment. 
Please remember to check my school website for additional resources and information as well as our class calendar. If you ever have any questions, please email me. I do my best to respond within 24 hours. It is usually sooner than that. 
When you have an opportunity ask your child about our Challenge of the Week problem. I had a lot of correct answers this week and will be tweeting our this week's winner on Friday. 
Challenge Problem: Write (5x10^5) + (4x10^4) + (3x10^3) + (2x10^x) + (1x10^1) in standard form and scientific notation.
Student grades can be accessed at any time using our Parent Self Serve system. Also if your child is absent from school, please remember to send an absence note to our attendance office. 
I am looking forward to getting to meet you at Open House on Wednesday 9/27. 

Mrs. Bird
Brabham Middle School
8th Grade Math
Sophistikats Director