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Coach Douty will begin her 16th year for Willis ISD, 26 years total. She is the girls' Athletic Coordinator along with coaching 7th grade volleyball and 7th grade basketball. She also teaching girl's physical education classes and a dance PE class. Coach Douty and her husband of 32 years have one son who recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma and has a career in engineering.

Please see attached PE Classroom Procedures for required PE supplies, classroom guidelines, and grading policy.

Conference period for 2016-17 school year is 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
PE/Athletic office phone is 936-890-1168.
Email is

Smiles Always

Recent Posts

7th grade Athletic Participants for 2018-19

     Participants from our mini-camp have been selected for 2018-19 athletics. Numbers are posted for you to view under Girls PE on Ms. Douty's webpage. We will have a parent meeting May 15th at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria to go over next year's athletic expectations, sports, calendars, and order workout clothing. Please be prepared to pay for the clothing order.

     Girls who did not attend the mini-camp will be reviewed for enrollment into athletics based off their year's performance in girls PE, dance PE, and tennis PE. Categories for review will be attendance, participation, suiting out daily, and behavior along with their performance on their FitnessGram. We will receive a list from the counselors when the course selections sheets are turned in.

     Girls interested in trying out for volleyball and/or basketball can do so without being enrolled the athletic period. Volleyball tryouts will be Thursday and Friday, August 16th and 17th.  Basketball tryouts will be determined soon. A 2018-19 physician cleared physical is required to tryout. We have physical packets at the front desk, coach’s office or you may print one from the WHS Trainers webpage. If a student makes the volleyball or basketball team we will request a schedule change into athletics if their academic schedule will allow.


Brabham Girls Coaching Staff


6th Grade Girls Mini Camp May 1-3, 2018

Please see the attached mini camp information letter and mini athletic camp registration pages regarding requirements to attend our camp this May. These pages are under Girls PE and Dance PE.
Willis ISD will be hosting physicals for all students interested in playing sports for the 2018-19 school year. Physicals will be held at WHS on Wednesday, April 18th from 1:30-5:00. The cost is $20.00 cash or check payable to WHS Athletics. We will bus our BMS students to WHS on April 18th right after school. Parents/guardians will pick up their student in the FM 830 parking lot. 
Please take advantage of this opportunity offered by our Athletic Trainers. Several Doctors from the surrounding area will be conducting the physicals.  You may take our physical packet to your own physician if you prefer. Please return completed physical to any coach or PE teacher before we release for summer break. If you are in 6th grade and plan on attending our May 1-3, 2018 mini athletic camp you will need to turn in your completed physical by your own physician to us no later than May 1st to be able to participate.

Pennies for Patients

Hello Parents and Athletes,

I hope this email find you well! This year Brabham Middle School heroes will be participating with Pennies for Patients with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society from March 9th – April 13thThank you for all of your hard work with our Pennies for Patients campaign to help cancer patients and support cancer research.

I encourage you to take a moment to view the following video: Kethan’s Story

The classroom that raises the most money will receive a complimentary lunch from Olive Garden.

Classroom Link:

If you have any questions, the school program volunteer is Helen Barley.

When heroes work together, we can change cancer!


For the Cure,

Female Coaching Staff

7th & 8th Girls Basketball tryout Information

Girls Basketball Information

Seventh and eighth grade girls’ basketball signup sheets will be posted on the coaches’ doors this week, Monday, October 30th to Thursday, November 2nd. You must be signed up by the end of the school day Thursday.  A faculty/staff character and grade survey will be submitted for completion based off the participant’s name listed on these signup sheets.

Girls basketball tryouts will held next week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, November 6th thru November 8th, from 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.  Tryouts will begin promptly at 6:00 a.m., please be at BMS starting at 5:30 a.m. to check in.  Must have a current 2017-18 physical to tryout. All participants must attend all three days of tryouts. 

For more information regarding girls basketball tryouts please refer to our BMS Athletic web page and click Girls Basketball.

Softball Unit

Softball Unit


The girls completed their Jump Rope unit. It was fun watching them prepare their routines. At the end of the rope unit the girls performed their routines.  We had a surprise visit from the Spice Girls. Yes, a group of our 6th grade girls dressed up like their favorite Spice Girl to do their routine.  
Just before Spring Break the girls participated and completed the necessary FitnessGram.  They ran/walked a timed mile, showed their flexibility in their shoulders and back, then finished with core and upper body strength by doing curl-ups and push-ups.
With the weather being lovely we have now moved to a Softball unit. The girls have be shown catching form for grounders, pop-ups, and chest area thrown balls along with throwing form. We are also covering proper hand placement on the bat and foot stance for batting.  General softball rules and terms along with the 9 players positions will be covered too.  Please go to PE assignments, click your PE class period to find the rules and a diagram of the softball field with the positions for you to study.



The PE girls have begun their basketball unit. We have covered chest and bounce passing, shooting form and lay-ups, and several penalties.  Please open the attached basketball review in your PE class period. We have already covered several of these questions in class and will continue to address more as their unit progresses. The PE girls will need to complete the attached review sheet and turn in the hard copy Tuesday, December 6.  We have or will be handing out a hard copy of this review to all our PE girls.  They can complete on their own, ask siblings, parents, or use the internet.  
Along with covering basketball we will continue to do strength and conditioning activities on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please bring inexpensive sweat top and bottoms to PE to lock up in PE lockers for days we go outside on the track for running. 

Gray is a pretty site to see

Thank you parents and guardians for purchasing your PE student their gray t-shirt.  We look sharp dressed as one team unit of energized young ladies. The gym is being filled with warm up exercises, conditioning, and volleyball activity. The girls are to bring their PE clothing home on Fridays to launder and bring back on Mondays.  But not this coming Monday, Sept. 5, as we should be home resting and having more family time on Labor Day.

First Week of School

During the first week of school Mrs. Douty's PE girls will go over classroom procedures, changing information and grading. Locker room and gym expectations will also be covered. The girls will be given an order form to use to purchase their PE t-shirt.  Forms and money (cash or check payable to BMS) will be collected with the PE shirts handed out on Friday.  The girls will begin changing into their PE clothing on Monday, August 26th.  Please do not bring clothing and shoes to PE until their PE lockers have be assigned for the girls to attach their combination locks. By Thursday girls can bring their personal hygiene products, along with their clothing, socks, and athletic shoes to be stored in their LOCKED PE lockers. 
On the right you will find the PE classroom procedures page. Also, instructions to sign up for PE Remind.  Please take a moment to read procedures and sign up for PE Remind.

Introduction to Athletics Clinic

Our Brabham female coaching staff will be hosting an "Introduction to Athletics Clinic" for girls interested in Athletics for next year. The clinic will be 3 days, May 2,3, and 4, after school to 4:00.  Please see the information letter to the right.

Jump Rope


Our PE girls are designing their own jump rope routine from a list of 12 different footwork jumps.  They can use their personal devices for appropriate music to jump to.  We have 3 speaker systems the girls can share.  If a PE student has a portable speaker they want to bring and use this is fine as long as parental permission has been given.  Please have name on speaker.   The girls will continue to develop and  fine tune their routines Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 20, 21.  Beginning Friday, Jan. 22 the groups will be graded.
This freedom of choosing groups, designing the routine, and finding music has been a good experience on communication.  The girls are learning how to express their ideas, listen to others, and voice their opinions. Most are experiencing positive results. A few are figuring out that compromise is necessary to allow the whole group to work together as one unit.  Others are learning that expression of opinion needs be worded thoughtfully to not offend their teammate.
I enjoy watching your daughters develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Thank you for sharing them with me on a daily basis.

Basketball unit

The girls completed their volleyball unit early November and have moved to basketball while continuing their running activities on Mondays and Wednesdays.
We are beginning a basketball unit.  Instead of me verbally or physically demonstrating rules, skills, and court markings I am also handing out a questionnaire for the girls to complete.  I will be discussing or showing all questions in PE for the girls.  Also, they can work on it at home, asking parents or siblings who play basketball for help or use the internet.
The completed basketball questionnaire will be counted as a major grade, 60%. The assigned date was November 9th with a turn in date of November 16th. The questionnaire is on my webpage to print out in case the original handout has been misplaced.  Please make every effort to complete the questionnaire and turn in by Friday November 20th for partial credit.