Week of October 23 - 27

7th Level

Monday- Writing Two step inequalities  
Tuesday- Two step inequalities and Angle Relationships Review
Wednesday- Two Step Inequalities and Angle Relationships Test
Thursday- Poster Math over Two Step Inequalities/Ratio and Rates Review 
Friday- Constant of Proportionality

Homework- No HW this week due to study guide
Study Guide- Given Monday 10/23 and Due for Test on Wednesday 10/25

7th PAP

Monday- Determining slope and y-intercept from a graph 
Tuesday- Determining slope and y-intercept from tables
Wednesday- Finding Slope from Two Points and Equations
Thursday-  Slope and Similar Triangles
Friday- Slope and y-intercept Meaning in Real World Contexts

Homework- Given Monday 10/23 & Due Friday 10/27