Week of October 30 - November 3

7th Level

Monday- Constant of Proportionality 
Tuesday- Proportionality with Tables and equations
Wednesday- Proportionality with Tables and equations
Thursday- Proportionality with Graphs and equations
Friday- Proportionality and verbal descriptions with equations....DMR Quiz

Homework- Given Monday 10/30 and due on Friday 11/3


7th PAP

Monday- Slope and Similar Triangles - Performance Assessment Unit 4 #1
Tuesday- Slope and Similar Triangles
Wednesday- Slope and y-intercept Meaning in Real World Contexts
Thursday- Unit 4 Test
Friday- Unit rate as the slope of the line - DMR Quiz

Homework- No HW this week due to study guide
Study Guide- Given Monday 10/30 and due for test on Thursday 11/2