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Mrs. Tammy Lumpkin is the Theatre Arts teacher, UIL Coordinator, and UIL Director at Brabham Middle School. Mrs. Lumpkin graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Academic Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts. This will be Mrs. Lumpkin's 20th year teaching Theatre Arts. She taught Drama in Aldine ISD for 14 years. This will be the 6th year in Willis ISD.


Recent Posts

One Act Play Meeting/ Auditions

There will be a meeting for One Act Play on Monday, November 17th and Tuesday, November 18th until 3:30.  Information about the play and expectations will be given.  Those who would like to read through the play and practice may do so.
Auditions will be held on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st.


The first major grades of the next 9 weeks will be creating a sound effect story.
This project will be done with a partner.  One student will be the storyteller and the other will act as the sound engineer.  
 The students will receive 2 major grades:
1 for the items listed on the attached paper
1 for the actual performance
Please allow your child to bring their device for this project.
I am looking forward to some exciting stories!

Renaissance Festival

The Theatre Arts and Art classes will be taking a field trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  The cost will be $16.  There are only 60 spots available.  The first 60 students to turn in their permission slip with payment will be given a spot. Please note that you must be passing and have exemplary behavior in all classes at the time of the field trip to attend.  We are also in need of 12 chaperones.  I sent home the permission slips on Monday, September 28, 2015.


We are having fun in class creating short skits.  The students are working on character, action, and setting.  They must collaborate together and use these elements in their scenes.  

Celebrity Letters

The students have been given this activity as homework.  This is for a grade.  If you would like me to mail the letter, please send 2 stamps.  I have attached an example to use.

Welcome to Theatre Arts!

I am looking forward to an exciting new school year in Theatre Arts!  

Costume Design

We have been working on costume design.  The students created their own original costume design.  The students also learned about the meanings of the different colors with their color costume packet.  The costume packet is due on Friday, May 15th.  The students are working right now in groups to make their own costumes out of tape, newspaper, and any other recyclable items they bring in.  We will have a fashion show on Monday in class.  

Shoebox Theaters

The next major project will be creating a shoebox theater.  Please send a shoebox for your child to use.  The students will be making a theater out of the shoeboxes.  If you have any extra shoeboxes please send them, we always have students that need them.