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Stefanie Keller » Welcome!


Welcome to the BMS 2017-2018 School year.
My name is Stefanie Keller, and I am very excited for another year as a Brabham Bobkat education!  This is my sixth year in teaching, and every year is special and different!  I have my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Sam Houston State University.  I am certified EC-4 in General Education and EC-12 in Special Education.
This year I will have a dual role within the school, both as a LIDS teach and a Specialized Instruction (SI) teacher.  I look forward to working in smaller groups with students in order to help them achieve and exceed their goals, and to help them move along through the school year.  I love working with all kids, and anticipate a fabulous school year!  
For LIDS this year, I will be working closely with Yolanda Nephew, the other LIDS teacher on campus, and our classes with have a lot of collaboration.  Learning will be fun, productive, and full of excitement!
For SI, I will be teaching Math and ELA for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  The small group setting of the class will allow me to work closely with all of my students, and to really help them improve their skills in these areas.  I will be working closely with the Math and ELA departments here at BMS in order to help students keep pace with their peers.
Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions about your child or what we are doing in class!
Contact Information:
Phone: (936) 890-2312
Conference time: 08:40-09:30 am (Please contact me through email if you would like to schedule a conference).

Week at a Glance (April 16 - 20)



Daily – Article-a-day and Book of Knowledge entry. Students will read one article and record three things they learned, or that they want to remember, in their Book of Knowledge.  Students will share one entry with the class.


Monday - Point of View introduction and practice.


Tuesday - Point of View notes.


Wednesday - Paired Passages focusing on POV.


Thursday - POV task card practice and review with a partner.


Friday - POV writing assignment.





Daily – Review warm up problems.


Monday - STAAR Calculator practice.


Tuesday - Solving and graphing one step inequalities and equations practice.


Wednesday - Writing and solving one step inequalities from word problems.


Thursday - Solving and graphing one step inequalities and equations review and versatiles.


Friday - Inequality station activities.