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Welcome to Sra. Pedrami's Spanish I

I have been a teacher for over 30 years and have taught students from pre-k to college level. I fell in love with teaching while working a summer job at an English for Spanish Speakers camp. It was supposed to be a temporary job but it became my passion. Just like I have taught all ages, I have also taught Spanish and English depending on which part of the world I was. Yes! Traveling is my other passion. Now my family and I have made Conroe our home and I am very happy to be at Brabham MS, not only because I have been welcomed with open arms but because it is also very close to my new house.
I hope parents will pay a visit to one of my classes and learn along with their children some more Spanish!
Tutorials for Spanish are on as needed basis. I am usually available in the mornings until 7:30 A.M. and Monday, Tuesday and Friday until 3:15 P.M.


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Verbs for verb chart

-ar verbs

-er verbs

-ir verbs































Week at a Glance


Monday 4/16

No class, in service for teachers

Tuesday 4/17

Vocabulary to answer ¿cómo estás? How are you doing

Wednesday 4/18

Practice vocabulary from yesterday; review family vocabulary

Thursday 4/19

Practice family vocabulary and say how each person is feeling

Friday 4/20

Reading test, mainly family vocabulary

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance

Dear Parents,

Sorry for the delay. We are on the final stretch of the year and we are getting ready for High School!

Monday 3/19

Definite articles review; listening comprehension activity

Tuesday 3/20

Indefinite articles review; introduction to –er verbs and the conjugation

Wednesday 3/21

Adjective agreement review;  practice –er verbs

Thursday 3/22

Adjective agreement review; -er verbs quiz (2 daily grades)

Friday 3/23

-ar conjugation review; writing practice, what are your plans for the week?


Next week we will start the family unit. We will also learn about Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Feliz primavera!

Week at a Glance

Week at a glance

Monday 3/5

Work in groups to design a skit for a party

Tuesday 3/6

Work in groups to design a skit for a party

Wednesday 3/7

Present skits (major grade)

Thursday 3/8

Present skits (major grade)

Friday 3/9

Vocabulary review


Have a restful and fun Spring Break!

Week at a Glance

Monday 2/12

Reading about Chapultepec and how it compares to parks in the US

Tuesday 2/13

Reading in Spanish, answer comprehension questions, make own questions

Wednesday 2/14

Practice using the verb ir (to go) to tell where someone is going, role play a discussion of where to go

Thursday 2/15

Practice using the verb ir to express the future

Friday 2/16

Use ir a with caminar, estar, llevar, visitar, hablar, tomar; introduction to food unit


Our favorite unit is coming up! We will be sampling some food from Spanish-speaking countries. Students did their research last week and found some interesting recipes that they will prepare for the restaurant skit of the food unit. Happy eating!

Week at a glance and fiesta project and rubric

Week at a glance

Monday  1/29

Review classroom vocabulary and preposition, make a map of the class

Tuesday 1/30

Write 10 sentences that describe the position of objects in the class

Wednesday 1/31

Practice making questions with question words and with verbs for yes/no answers

Thursday 2/1

Reading comprehension, Exchange programs

Friday 2/2

Start research for project  “Una fiesta”


Una fiesta!

You have been asked to plan a Hispanic themed fiesta for your community. Research some ideas for food (la comida), music (la musica) and dancing (los bailes), and summarize your findings in a graphic organizer. Then create an attractive invitation that will make everybody want to come. Your teacher will assign the country you will research.

Nothing turned in in pencil will be graded.  You will have three days to research and create the invitation. The final product can be done in Google docs, slides or on a poster. Project will start el 2 de febrero and will be turned in el 7 de febrero.



Graphic organizer

50 puntos



20 puntos



Content, three topics addressed and researched

30 puntos



50 puntos



15 puntos



Includes information from research

30 puntos


Answers Donde? Cuando?Que?

15 puntos




Nota final




Week at a Glance


Formal and informal introductions, using new vocabulary with old dialogues


Formal and informal introductions, one person and several people


Telling where someone or something is located (prepositions)


Verb estar with places in the city and classroom object location (prepositions)


Reading test


Dear Parents,

It looks like finally we are back to normal weather wise. Last week we started the new vocabulary of places around the city. This week we will continue and add location expressions with the verb estar (to be in a place). We will also review classroom objects since they lend themselves to practice the prepositions.

Enjoy the warmer weather!

Projects presentation

Dear Parents,
This week students are presenting their three projects from the choice board. There are two major grades and two daily grades involved in these  presentations. Please check my previous post for the rubric and a description of the project. Some of the activities are interactive so we all will enjoy practicing Spanish with activities created by the students.
Thursday we will practice conjugations and correct sentence structure with the white boards.
Friday will be a short day so we will have some vocabulary activities such as Spanish Scrabble and the very popular PARA game.
!Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo!

Choice board

Dear Parents,

This week we have quite a few activities going on. Benchmarks will change our schedule on Monday and Tuesday so I planned an activity that will repeat Monday and Tuesday of this week and Monday and Tuesday of next week since we will have different classes each day. We will watch a short video, Episode two, of the story that accompanies the text book. The video reviews classes, time, colors and clothing. Students will complete work related to the video.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday students will work with a partner to complete three activities from a choice board of nine activities.

Have a great week!

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance


Practice –ar conjugations


Colors, adjective agreement, review of –ar verbs


Describing clothing, verb llevar


Practice clothing vocabulary and colors (adjective agreement), song about clothing. HOMEWORK practice sheet los articulos y los colores


Practice and perform a dialogue

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance

Have a very restful Thanksgiving!


Practice writing with questions from last week; start –ar verbs


Practice answering questions; review pronouns and write –ar endings


Work sentences using correct forms of –ar verbs (hablar, terminar, necesitar)


Major grade: write a pen-pal letter


Review of school vocabulary and questions


Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance  

Fun, fun fun! Ask your child the questions. Have them ask you!    


Flipgrid    (Chrome books finally updated!)


Learn vocabulary about classes, days of the week, description of a typical school day


Compare their schedules to ones from Spanish-speaking countries


Practice answering questions about the schedule, favorite classes and teachers (see questions at the end?


Interview other students about their schedules and report to the class; perform a short dialogue

  1. ¿Cuántas clases tienes?
  2. ¿Qué clases tienes?
  3. ¿Qué clase te gusta más?
  4.  ¿Cuál es tu clase favorita?
  5. ¿En qué periodo es tu clase favorita?
  6. ¿Quién es tu profesor favorito?
  7. ¿Cómo se llama tu profesor(a) de _______________?
  8. ¿En qué periodo tienes la clase de _______________?
  9. ¿Tienes mucha tarea en la clase de _______________?
  10. ¿Cómo se llama tu escuela/colegio?

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